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5B Biz

Research, acquisition, marketing and management for consumer goods and capital goods.

what we do

Our inputs are a blend of traditional research methods and the latest developments in digital consumer feedback techniques. Every well-managed company needs new customers. Because there are always situations that lead to customer churn (e.g. change of management, abandonment of a business area, relocation, etc.). Our outputs range from acquisition, reporting, training, and onward briefing of other partners. The story of your consumers’ lives and commercial opportunities starts here.

focus of activities

Target group research, segmentation, typologies | Product studies: concept tests, product tests, product development | Brand studies: image, brand core, positioning, communication | Design studies: product and packaging studies, usability | Communication studies: media, advertising, name research | Customer acquisition | Brand marketing | Product Marketing | Management Consulting

what sets us apart

Reliable consulting | Flexible and adaptable | Every project is a new challenge | Collaborative partnerships with our clients | Creative and dedicated | Multi-disciplinary team | Committed throughout the whole project | Results that exceed expectations | Easy to read reports | Trusted collaborators |

our main industries | real estate

our main industries | automotive

our main industries | fashion

our main industries | music management

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